How does an estate sale work?

We are usually called when someone needs a professional to sell items due to death, moving, divorce, or, downsizing.  First, we use ads and social media to invite the public into the home.  They will have the opportunity to purchase any item that is priced for sale.  Most clients will use an estate sale because some family members don’t want to keep specific items.  During a sale, there may be some items that are not for sale because family members have decided to keep them, or they have been put into contract with the real estate sale.

Estate sales are an incredibly difficult task for non-professionals.  To get things together, and conduct a sale as it should be requires a lot of planning, evaluating, marketing, and work.  The work itself is exhausting, and you also must factor in the stresses of accurate pricing, marketing, time, sentimentality, and challenging family dynamics.  We help our clients reduce stress, save time, and deal with these events in a caring and professional manner.

What do I need to do to prepare for a sale?

You must ensure utilities are on for the duration of the sale.  We ask that you are not present during the estate sale.  This is typical, the sale is run as a business.  We will ensure that we do what we are paid to- make you the most money we can!  We find that many clients may find it too emotional when they’re on site during their own estate sales.  We understand that, and it's one of the main reasons people choose us.  We will communicate daily though the process.  We are here to ensure your sale is successful, and we strive to minimize your stress.

Do I even have enough for you to conduct an estate sale?

We ask that you do not throw out ANYTHING. You would be surprised at how many items are thrown away because they don’t realize that almost anything can be sold.

How much do you charge to look at an estate?

We do not charge anything to look at an estate.

How are you paid for your company service?

We charge the client a percentage of the sale’s gross profits. Our percentage is 35% for household items and 10% for automobiles. 

Are there any other fees?  

Generally, no.  We do not do excessive clean-ups prior to, or post sale.  We can have a clean-up crew come in to assist prior to a sale.  The cost for this is generally $50-$200 depending on the condition of the house or building.  If you would like, this fee can be invoiced with the first day's sales.  Typically, we set-up and organize all of the tables, and then price all of the items, conduct the sale, and remove the remaining items left after the sale.  We will then ensure the area is cleaned-up.  We will pick-up our trash and sweep, but we do not vacuum.  If you require cleaning services due to a real estate sale, we can add that to your contract, but that fee will be determined prior to the sale.

How long should I expect my sale to run?

Typically, your sale will run for 3 days.  The set-up and pricing will be in advance of the sale, and this takes anywhere from 2-3 days, and depending upon the size of the estate, we're normally out in 1 to 3 days.  Often, the estate sale process, in total, is about 7 days.  For larger estates this process may take up to 2 weeks.